Heyy Mickey your so fine.....



I know they're from the Halloween section but still they are so in for this FALL! Haven't been able to update on anything lately because I've been so busy.Lots have happened. Too much to keep up with. LOL

Still working on Zipper. It's almost done. Still got to make that photoshoot happen! And then finalize the layouts. YUP YUP=)

I've been supperlyyy stressed on everything but I'm happy with the journey I've made so far. I also landed an internship with Boudoir Magazine! YES YES! Still need a job. But until then I'm going to enjoy the time that I have. Even though there isn't much.

Lately I've realized a lot of things but one thing really stuck in my head.

There's going to be those who you can't depend on, and those who just want to bring you down.But instead of stressing out over it, you just need to cut them out of your life!