MATTERS of some sort.


me at school with my new haircut!

So lately I've been thinking. ( And for those who know me, I think 24/7) I'm super analytical and pretty much will drive you insane. But that makes me, Me. Tangent. Back to the subject...

I find it interesting that there are millions of people who don't know how to ensemble an outfit. And I know this because at Forever 21, where I work at, I get many questions on how do I wear this shirt? or what should I wear with this top?. And with this in mind, I was thinking (ha ha) , what can I do to help others? Why don't I show them how to? This is a wonderful way to combine my fashion styling skills and my love for people. And the best way I can think to do this is start a youtube channel while incorporating my blog.

What about that ladies and gents?