Last night I was just doing my normal thing, browsing facebook. LOL Anywho I happen to stumble upon a youtube video that featured a young women who expressed her thoughts on being "That Girl". It was a deep piece. This intrigued me to the point that I had to see some related videos.

And I finally found out about a HBO television show called The Brave New Voices. Presented by Russel Simmons you'll be able to hear what the youth of today have to say. It's the appreciation of poetry slams and art itself. This show is actually old but words never expire. Check it out!

This show encouraged me to try performing some poetry that I write. I really don't like writing essays but I do write to soothe my soul. Plus I always love to entertain people. A friend and I decided to hit up some local Poetry Slams in Charlotte. SO, I'm super-duper excited=)

chrisbonney; entitled "my eyes speak words"

BTW. I saw this spread from Korean Vogue.
&& I love it. Just a few pictures.