Risk Taker: Holiday Movie


I know that Christmas is in about two days and people are busy shopping for last minute gifts. But I'm also sitting around the house doing nothing at times. It's Christmas break so I have no school! The only thing I really do is eat, sleep, and go to work. I'm hanging out with some friends but that's it. I haven't had the time to watch any movies and when I did I just had to share with you all this movie=)

It's a romantic movie. I love romance! I'm such a sucker. I was saying "awwwwwe" the entire time. Great movie with the girls.

Fell in love with Humphrey Bogart. I want my future boyfriend to be just like him. And Audrey was stunning. So jealous.

The fashion was awesome! I loveddddd it.

Love triangle.

Go see it now!

I'm not giving away the story so go watch it and let me know.