Risk Taker: Statement Coats


Wanna make a statement? I know you do!

Toss your ugly beat up Fall jackets for these scene stealers!

This furry buddy is great for a cocktail event or event just a night uptown with the girls. I love the hints of green because it draws more attention to the fur. This is faux fur by the way! What I love about this fur is that you can pair it with just about anything.

Forever 21, Beaded Faux Fur Jacket, $42.80

Black never fades. I love the zippers! The details in this coat are so cute. Open or closed it won't even matter.

Forever 21, Moto Trench Coat, $34.80

This burnt orange coat is ADORABLE. This coat definitely makes a statement. Also a great conversation starter! I love the fact that you'll probably never find one just like this. This will be great with other layering pieces. I envision scarves and cardigans.

Forever 21, Poodle Knit Coat, $39.00

This two-tone wrap jacket reminds me of the Chanel Fall 2010 Ready-to-wear collection. It's cute and is perfect for any body type. Great print for the holidays. Pull out your booties and get a stomping.

Forever 21, Two-tone Wrap Jacket, $37.80

Okay so this last one isn't entirely a coat but it'll look good. I love the gold trim because it makes it look much more elegant. This is a great Christmas/New Year touch.

Forever 21, Gold Trim Jacket, $32.00