PERSONAL: 5 Things I Love About New Yorkers


As many times as I think about this topic I figure I should write about it. Yes, you will find every stereotypical character here in NYC. You'll have your 90's swag, cholo-chilling locals, senior citizens, etc. I love the variety though. Here culture never dies. This is a great place for a fashion student to learn their history of costume. Enough rambling lets get to the point.

5 Things I Love About New Yorkers

1. Assertiveness - I was never taught to be assertive. I speak my mind when I feel it is appropriate. But most times I still hesitate to say what I feel because I never grew up in that welcoming environment. Here New Yorkers will tell you how it is, when it is, and why. I do not see this as a negative trait. I see it as a personal challenge. A way to get me to become more confident in myself and what I stand for. You must have a "take-no-bull-shit" mentality or you will get run over.

2. Literature - Honestly I can say that over 95% of my peers to do not read nor touch a book/newspaper. The library was heaven for me because this is where I learned about the outside world. New Yorkers read in the subway, on the bus, and in the streets. (Some train rides can take up to an hour depending on where you live). Not only are people reading from their laptop screen but from a piece of paper that is more than one page. Isn't that a miracle? New York is probably the reason why the United States still has newspapers and books. I'm just saying.

3. Sense of Urgency - If you want to feel like you aren't doing anything with your life because you are a low-life bum come here. Even the beggars are hustlin'. I'm estimating that a beggar can make up to $20+ a day. Some will freestyle for you using the beat of the floor as their foundation. People get creative here. So if you're are having a bad day walk out on the streets of NYC and I'm sure you will find some inspiration or maybe reality will hit you. IF you observe carefully you'll notice that the waves of people move the city. GO HARD OR GO HOME.

4. Appreciation of Weirdos - I thought I was crazy. Still am but at least I have a bunch of weirdos to chill with. Note: Not everyone in New York is stylish. But does not mean we can't appreciate them because this makes the culture here. I will accept the FOBs (a good/bad term used to describe a person who just left another country (literally off a boat back in the days) to come to America) for their lack of shoe choice during the cold weathers (most wear flip flops whether winter, summer, spring, fall). I will accept the old heads for their PDA. I will accept the obese but not when they are squishing me in the subway.

5. Beautiful People - This may sound cliche but I guess I'm going that route. Most of the time you will never see the same person twice unless you have the same train route. So take advantage of this time to say what ever you may need to. You will never know who you will meet. This is why I love the MEN here. If they want you they will tell you right then and there. No need to hesitate if they know what they want. If they want sex I'm sure their assertive personality will tell you so. But what I'm trying to say is THE PEOPLE HEA ARE FUCKIN' GAWJUS (if you don't know what gawjus is it's the New Yorker way of saying goregous).

So what 5 Things Do You Love About New Yorkers?