Risk Taker: Whyel Files


I was always interested in the skate scene mainly for the hot guys. But as my obsession progressed I became very interested in skate board photography, videos, and the way of life. I take pride in being a risk taker and I guess I'm attracted to those who take risks as well (which can become one of my biggest flaws as far as taste in men). Not only are these guys flying off ramps but they are skating 24/7. I love a man who has love for his craft. Back on track....my friend Ben Henry (bh3rd.com) and I would always sit at his apartment talking about the projects we were working on. Us being Capricorns (YAY) we were always dabbling into things. I recall Ben mentioning Whyel Files. He was going to design the website. I was like, "WTF is that?". He then told me the story of a Charlotte, NC skate boarder named Zack Whyel who started the whole thing. I never met the dude until just a couple months ago. He's chill as fuck.

Whyel Files is a website that promotes "positivity through skateboarding, art, music and culture". These guys are the chillest dudes on the block. They work hard, rep hard, and go hard. On the site you'll see everything from skate videos, culture, art, etc. You'll get to see skateboarders like Osei Key (a close friend of mine), Curt B.(as we call him), Zack Whyel, etc. As part of their culture section I've been added as an official blogger. Yay! Support these guys and what they do. Please stop by their website and youtube channel.