Most of the time I wear skirts because I'm not a fan of pants. I don't know why but pants make me feel fat. It's also really hard to find the perfect pair. I think this is a universal issue though. In order to transition into colder weather I usually slip on a pair of tights. I try to have one in every color so that I can always keep warm and still look fashionable. I recently purchased these House of Holland tights from Top Shop!

About 24.00 which you can purchase here. I've always been a fan of House of Holland but never had the money to purchase anything. Simply because when I had the money I would have to pay bills, etc. But I'm so glad I decided to cop these! They are adorable and I get so many compliments when wearing them. Worth my money. The only issue I had with the tights is the color. I thought the tights were a nude color but they are actually a little paler than my skin tone. I can still pull them off but if you are tan then these wouldn't work for you. This would be a really great gift idea for Christmas if your friend, sister, gf, (you know the rest) love collecting tights.

Browsing through the blogging community I came across this brand of tights called Bebaroque. They are a little more on the pricey side but are a great investment for you serious tight shoppers! I love the detail and creative edge of these tights. They seem to be of high quality which is great because you want to get the most of your tights. They range from $40-$600.

These are my favorites:


Here's me in my tights from House of Holland!