Runway Fever: Tribal Jewelry - Featuring Kween Of Dreams


Tribal jewelry has been in trend since this past year and has kept its place in Spring/Summer 2012 trends. I'm totally okay with this btw! I jump at anything tribal. The reason - my culture. If you still haven't read my About Me section you'll find out that I am Hmong. What is that you might ask? The Hmong people come from China. No we are not Chinese. We do not have our own country and written language. If you want to find out more just google it=) The Hmong people have traditional outfits that are worn for special occasions.

Here is me(the far right) in an outfit years ago. I was totally skinny and flat chested so this is why I look totally different.


 As you can tell our traditional outfits have been an inspiration to the entire tribal jewelry and print trend. At times I feel like I can just wear my traditional Hmong skirt and call it a day. But our clothing is so heavy and precious that I probably wouldn't want to risk damaging it. So there is where my love for tribal jewelry originated from.

Without further ado I present to you KWEEN OF DREAMS!

Kween Of Dreams is a jewelry line created by Jeannine Brown and I. We are obsessed by the beauty of creating ideas that forward the beauty within; Forever discovering inspiration from the eyes of many cultures; Daring to expose all the elements of beauty and enchantment from our surroundings and directing them to the beauty within.

We both have a fascination for culture and fashion. Together we merge our inner beings and create custom pieces for you KWEENS and DREAMERS. Please support us by visiting our tumblr and fb page to preview our line. We will have a store set up soon! 

Thank you loves!