Asian Princess Look || PONY That Girl Fever Shadow Palette + innisfree Cushion Compact Foundation


As a young girl I was constantly watching Asian dramas. Everything from Bollywood, Thai, Chinese to cute-sy Korean dramas. I grew up on the VHS tapes though. Where you had to buy 10 tapes to get the fully dubbed version. And each video cost like $10-$15 bucks a pop. Not cheap. But very addicting. And sometimes part 5-10 wouldn't come out until the next Hmong tournament. So I had to wait like 3-5 months just to go buy the tape. Bring it home just to find out that the main character died because she had cancer.


This look was inspired by the Asian Princess. It's a combo of all the genres so that's why it may not look particular to one. Like I guess it's a re-imagined Princess.

Princess Pearl 
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Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaayae

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Princess Hours
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A lot of the inspiration is pulled from the garments because most of the makeup is quite simple. One thing I'm always attracted to when watching a Drama is the wardrobe.

My Look