Runway Fever: Finding Out Your Body Type


For many of us, including me, we can live our entire life without ever knowing what body type we are. After reading and encountering so many articles and books about different body types I , at one point, became confused. I'm heavier on the top than the bottom and it seemed like I could almost fit into two categories. After taking fashion coordination class and using proper measuring techniques I finally realized that I am indeed a hourglass. The beloved and most sought after shape. (YES!) After learning the do's and don'ts I realized that I don't like to stick within the boundaries. I can't wear this and I should wear that. I mean am I supposed to eliminate that entire section of stripes just cause they don't work? I felt like it was more of a way for society to tell me what I should wear.

But after really thinking about the whole entire situation I realized that it's just a guide line. There are detours and special tricks that you can use to disguise your flaws. What's most challenging is to learn how to work your wardrobe with your body. Wear the clothes, don't let them wear you. I should probably never wear certain things but if I find a way to make it work then YAY for me. Don't let your body type hold you back.

To determine your body type you'll need:
A measuring tape (the ones found in the craft section)
Pen and paper
A friend

I suggest that your friend is the same sex as you unless you are comfortable with them being VERY close to you=)
I guess your lover can help you out.

1. First stand with your legs open, forming an A, and place your hands on your hips. Like the picture on the left.

2. Have your friend measure the circumference of your bust. In other words, the largest part of your chest. Make sure the measuring tape is leveled and snug. Don't pull to tight!

3. Time to measure your waist! Have your lovely assistant measure the smallest part of your waist. If you are confused slightly bend to the side and the inward shape that your side makes should be where your waist is. Make sure to not pull the tape too tight!

4. Last one to go. Measure the largest part of your hips. This will most likely be the largest part of your butt.

5. Hopefully your friend has been writing these measurements down for you. If not, you might want to start all over. Next thing to do is to analyze the results.


  • Traingle- A triangle shape, or often referred to as a pear, large difference in the measurement of their hips and chest, but not their chest and waist. They are usually larger on the bottom.
  • Inverted Triangle- This is the total opposite from the triangle. Your numbers will be larger on the top than the bottom. But your chest and waist will be very close.
  • Rectangle- Your measurements will be very similar in your chest, waist, and hips. Your numbers will not have a dramatic change.
  • Diamond- The diamond measurements will be larger in your waist than your chest and hips. It's the total opposite of an hourglass. But remember your chest and hips will be similar in numbers.
  • Round- Round shapes will have a wide waist, as well as narrow shoulders and thighs. You will have a larger chest.
  • Hourglass- Your chest and hip measurements will be very close to each other but you will have a small waist. Your waist needs to be at least 6 inches between your waist and chest and your waist and hips to be considered a true hourglass.

If you still find this to be confusing. Drop by shopyourshape a website that helps determine your body type after you punch in your numbers.

Here are some great books to check out. These really helped me understand my body.

Let me know how everything goes. And comment below if you have any questions. I hope I helped you and be prepared for my next post!