Entourage: Hair Trends + Extensions


Looking for ways to get voluminous hair? Creative hair trends? I found the solution!

Sometimes when you see a new hair style you realize that you don't have enough hair to pull it off. Most of the time I just get sad and start missing my hair. (I'm currently trying to grow my hair out) But what about ditching the tears for some new hair? It rhymes.

My hair has plenty of volume. Plenty of poof! That's what I call it. A lot of people ask me how do I get this hair? I usually just tell people that I do nothing because I literally do nothing. My hair has always been that way. Depending on your hair type sometimes it's difficult to achieve volume. My solution is to get EXTENSIONS. Most people think that extensions are only for African Americans but that's not necessarily true. I use them too just to add length. They're great for special occasions or even every day.

I have never been to a hair store since I thought I never needed fake hair. But after visiting a few in Charlotte it changed my mind. Some go for as low as $1-$25. Not bad at all. If you're looking to do a quick fix you can just purchase the clip-on extensions instead of glueing them in.The most important thing is to learn how to take care of your extensions so you can make them last as long as possible. This article gives you some tips on how to take care of your extensions.

5 Creative Hair Trends Using Extensions

1.Color Me
Buy a color clip-in piece and weave it into your braid. Or you can just blend it in with your hair. Some extensions don't allow you to curl them because they can burn so make sure to read the care instructions. This is a great if you don't feel like dyeing your hair. IN and OUT!

2. Mermaid Braid

I'm in love with the braided look. Why can't I have longer hair? You can easily buy some clip-in extensions or glue-in extensions to create this look. I've seen a lot of hair stylist tease the braid after braiding which creates a relaxed look. You don't want it to be too polished.

3. Auburn

Red has been the IT color for hair this year. I'm in love
with this color. Length has been very important. Also the slick hair is great for a futuristic look. What I love about this look is that it's versatile. You can have any style and pull this off.

4. Bombshell Blowout

The bigger the better. I always say. This is a great look where you can wear a hat with or just have your hair all out. I would probably suggest getting glue-in extensions because the clip-ons would get complicated.

5. 70's Updo

The 70's are coming back and this classy hair do is totally perfect for a night out. I love the simplicity of this look. Just add some clip-ins for the bangs and some in the back. Great look for a girl's night.

Here are some other ideas for you all to try.