Risk Taker: Thrifty Fashion


I use to shop at the mall for the latest trends. Mainly the clearance racks. That was my only way of knowing what was stylish. But now that I am not living with my parents I realized how much I was really spending. College students are always broke no matter how much they bust their behinds. This is a fact. NO LIE. Majority of my money goes to food, food, clothes, clothes, and gas.

It was not until college that I really appreciated thrifty fashion. It's sad to say that I wasted 1/5 of my life on expensive clothing. GEE. But let's take advantage of the opportunity now. No more whining.

Top Three Favorite Thrift Stores

1. Value Village- Of all the thrift stores I've been to I really love this place. I find the best things at the cheapest price. Each day the store chooses two colors that will be either 75% or 50% off. Everything has colored price tag so if you find these two colors then you will receive that discount. Sometimes they have really good sales where everything is 50% off. I love those days. My best find would have to be a vintage Christian Dior belt. It was hidden behind a bunch of belts. Visit the website to find a store near you.

Quick Tip: A lot of the time people say they can't ever find any good stuff at thrift stores and I always tell them that most of time they aren't looking hard enough. It's like hunting for buried treasure. The best things aren't always going to be right in front of you, dig deeper.

2. Good Will- I don't really get a chance to go to Good Will as much as I want to. But when I do I find really good business clothes. They are a lot more expensive but reasonably priced. My first couch I ever owned came from Good Will. It was great and I spent less than $25 for a couch that could have been worth $100 +.

Quick Tip: If you're looking for a great blazer this is the place for you! All my blazers in my closet are from Good Will. They go for about $5.

3. Antique Malls- Antique malls are the best place for decorating your apartment. Also if you want to live the vintage lifestyle then go here. Our local antique mall is called Sleepy Poet. It's wonderful. A place where I want to live. SERIOUSLY. They have vendors that carry clothes, accessories, old records, an upholstery section, etc. The list goes on. They also serve fresh popcorn too!

Quick Tip: If your looking for set or clothing for a photo shoot then you'll find all the props you need.

I hope you all good luck!
If you find any thrifty fashionable stuff let me know.
Share your latest finds at zabethchang@yahoo.com and I'll post them up!

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