Runway Fever: Top 10 Hot Fashion Trends for Fall 2010


Clueless of what to wear? Try my Top 10 Hot Fashion Trends for Fall 2010. These are all taken from the Fall 2010 Couture Designers.

1. Bloody Red
Red is a sophisticated color that can easily show off your sexy side. I have been reluctant to wear red for years but I've grown to love it more and more. I never wear all red. I just tend to do splashes of red on my lips or with my accessories. So don't think that you have to be in red from head to toe. But I would highly suggest you to find some red or burgundy colored layering pieces. Try different hues and shades. Why stick to the regular 'ole red? A lot of red-ish things you can find in my closet are scarves, hats, and even socks.

Elie Saab

2. Light as a Feather
Feathered frocks or coats? What about both? I'm so in love with this trend. I just wish I could afford all the clothes in the world! I do. Feathers add a feminine touch to the wardrobe and fall is all about being flirty without showing too much skin. This is a great way to get attention from all the men without having to blend in the crowd. You can easily walk down the street and look as if you're floating. Like a dream come true. I'm a little corny, I know.

Jean Paul Gaultier

3. Trenches are for loozeersss
No they really aren't for lozeeerrss. I love this take on the trench coat/pea coat. The draping around the collar is really intriguing. Instead of going for the typical Sherlock Holmes khaki trench opt for a shorter coat. Especially if you have a petite frame try avoiding the longer coats if you have to. And if you can't avoid them try different lengths. I try really hard to not let them get below my shin.

Armani Prive

4. Chalk or Pastels?
People usually think fall/winter should always be about the darker colors but that's not necessarily true. Pastels are really fun to play with. I use to forget about the pastel palette but I'm glad it has been introduced again. Like I said earlier about trying different hues and shades same goes for the pastels. Try throwing some light pinks, greens, and then add one darker color and you should have a really cute outfit.


5. Two or one?
Okay let's get those two piece suits out girls! I'm not a big fan at wearing matching two piece suits. Just cause I hate matching. I'm a little crazy. But what about investing in one? It's been said to have at least one nice suit for a potential big interview. What I really love about the one to the left is the mixture of men and women pieces. I recently just started buying men's clothing and wearing it. I mean nobody knows. SERIOUSLY!

Alexis Mabille

6. Layer galore
I really enjoy layering. That's probably my strongest skill. That's why I love when it gets cold because no matter what you put on it'll just add to your outfit. I believe in simplicity but I also believe in experimenting. Don't know if that made any sense. But I still love Chanel. Anywho, layer your socks. Socks over tights! Dresses over tights and then on and on. And don't forget your fur! It's great to look like an Eskimo once in a while.

Anna Sui ( I know she's not couture but she's an exception)

7. Middle Eastern Influence
Okay so I'm officially inspired by the middle east. I love turbans, harem pants, glitter, embellishments, etc. ALL OF IT. I LOVE IT. Okay now that I have that off my chest I feel so much better. I love exploring different cultures especially through dress. I mean forget all the war and issues. Look at the people. Look at their history. Anyways add a little culture! Not just a tea spoon a table spoon.

Elie Saab

8. Lace-y
Lace it up! And I'm not talking about those shoe strings. Lace is every where. Forget covering up! No please do. I'm kidding. Givenchy knows how to do lace. I love this entire collection. It was beyond words. I personally think lace is a staple item that everyone one should own. It will never go away! I own lace panties, earrings, gloves, tops, tanks, everything! TEAM LACE! Showing a peek of your skin is alright.Wear undergarments too.


9. Color Blind
Okay so what if you couldn't see color? Would it matter? What I really loved about this collection was the variety of colors used. Stop playing match maker with your colors. It's okay to wear two or even three different colors. I usually stick with three. Just remember to keep within a color palette. Seriously please quit walking around like monochromatic figurines. It's not cute.

Christian Dior

10. Dita-Von-Tease it
Tease every guy with your burlesque-like fish nets. Believe it or not Dita might just be able to walk out and win best dressed because this trend is in season. This does not mean you can walk outside wearing your lingerie. Incorporate fish nets, red lips, corsets, gloves into your wardrobe. There's nothing wrong with being a skank but there's something wrong with being trashy. Please don't walk around exposing every inch of your booty.

Jean Paul Gaultier

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