Risk Taker: Faux Fur


Faux fur is the way to go. Especially when you're broke like me! I really had fun with this outfit because I actually tried something new. It was a little cold out that day and I wanted to wear heels. But my feet tend to get cold easily. I spotted my cute winter socks and it clicked in my head that I should put the two together. Of course it worked. I've seen a lot of magazines do this with their photo shoots and I figure I would give it a shot.

The faux fur was actually attached to a jacket but I bought it separately. Found it at the thrift store. I just placed the fur under the collar of my blazer and it actually looked like it was a fur jacket. I got plenty of comments for that! The plaid shirt was a thrifted men's shirt. I hate wearing women's dress shirts because they fit too tight around the bust area. Don't you? If you don't have a nice dress shirt just borrow one from your boyfriend's closet.

As for the socks I bought these years ago. I was born in Wisconsin so I was always use to cold weather. They aren't too thick but will keep your feet warm even when you feel like strutting your heels. These brown shoes are from BAMBOO. Heard of this brand multiple times. I bought these shoes from a shoe store for only $10! Total deal!

Remember Fall/Winter is all about layering different pieces in your wardrobe. I sometimes wear the same pieces but I've become accustomed to mixing and matching. I hate, hate, hate matchy-matchy outfits. Throw in a few prints and solid and you should be fine. I always try to stick with colors that complement each other. Or if you don't like that try using colors in the same palette.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy this look. To find out what I'm wearing on my face just check out my post Berrylicious Benefit and you can find out what products I used.

Remember faux fur is the way to go! I know I look kinda sad in the picture the right but bear with me. I was trying to be sexy. Did it work? HAHA