Entourage: Stocking Stuffers for Christmas


For a while I wanted to share some of my accessories with you all. But I also wanted to share some great gift ideas for Christmas. So I figure we can put the two together. All from Aldo. (I work there so that's why I'm always wearing at least something from Aldo.) I'm sorry for the bad pictures of my fingers. They're chunky and a little red. Sorry=(

This bracelet is actually on sale. It's super cute because of the little charms. It comes with three bands so there is an option to take it off. This bracelet is really great for the eclectic fashionistas out there.

Porell; $11.98 (It's on sale.)

This heart ring is by far one of my favorite rings. I wear it a lot. It's a bigger ring than most would like but I'm dramatic so I really don't mind. This reminds me of video games my brothers play. I would recommend this for your little sister or a girl with a punky-tomboy style.

Forgot the name; $6.00

I love anything vintage so these are perfect for me! They're great for a classy outfit. There is also a ring that goes with these earrings too but I just forgot to buy it. I usually wear these earrings with something lace-y and feminine. But this is a great gift for your vintage loving friend.

Forgot the name; $6.00

This reminds me of the Baroque period. Black everything! What I love about these earrings are the fact that they can dress up your outfit easily. I usually wear my hair up when I'm wearing these just to show them off. HAHA. Great gift for your mom or vintage lover.

Forgot the name; $6 0r $12

I'm sprung. This ring is pretty cool. It's great for any finger. I'm lucky I can fit it on my ring and pointer finger. I love the texture of this ring. Comes in three colors. Fun for anyone who is into the multi-finger rings.

Forgot the name; $6.00 ?

Last earrings you have to love. They're pretty big too. This is great for the flirty girls! Reminds of the pin-up era. Very fun.

Forgot the name; $6.00

Good luck on Christmas shopping!