Risk Taker: Asian Fashion by CeCe Vang


Recently I've noticed that the fashion industry is starting to showcase Asian models and designers more than in the past. Now you can purchase a magazine and find at least three to five Asian models. It's relieving and exciting. Both because it makes it easier for new talent to come through without having barriers. Also it's easier to relate to. Sometimes I felt like I had no role models to look up to. But now there are plenty! Without further a due I would like to
present to you CeCe Vang. She is super talented and sweet enough to let me interview her.

1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Xee Vang and I am also known as Cc. I am from MN, 21, Hmong. I am an aspiring fashion artist. Honestly, I never thought that fashion was going to be such an important thing in my life. These past few years, I have been confused on what path I want for my future. It started out as a hobby; photographing, painting, drawing and designing; being an artist was a way for me to release my stress from school, family and life. But as I continue to do what I like, it had began to grow on me. I couldn't stop but do what I love and I really hope to become a good designer that will be recognize for my designs and artistic views.

2. What is your personal style?
When it comes to styling myself, I'm very picky to what I wear. But I love the New York city girl look. I don't think I'll get tired of this trend for a while. Also the classic t-shirt and jean. Nothing can top that in my category! :D But my taste as a designer, I am inspired by couture and avant garde clothing. I have always admired the work that has been put to show the great vision of art.

3. I've been following you since myspace primarily for your fantastic photography skills. But, how did you get into fashion design?

Thank you, I really appreciate you admiring my amateur photography work. It is because of photography that stem my passion for Fashion. I feel that without the right style and outfit, I was never satisfy with what I have taken of. I love fashion photography and when ever I do a project, I could never find the right clothes for the vision I had in mind. That's why I decided to start designing and bring out my artistic view. I am a self-taught designer and I am learning everyday.

4. Describe your collection. What influenced the entire look, style, and feel? Is it for the everyday woman?

My first collection is called 'Refined' and it was showcased at the Fresh Tradition IV. It is my depiction of my asian culture. I was inspired by our Hmong jewelry and want to create clothing that have jewelry and embellished designs incorporated into the clothing. I wanted to express my creativity through fabrics that are not similarly what hmong people use but a depiction that when you see the clothing it represents an ethnic vibe. This collection also expresses vibrant colors and movement. I was designing for the ones who are inspired to express their creativity and beauty through fashion.

5. Which piece is your favorite and for what reasons?

Every piece that I designed for the collection has its own uniqueness and refined detail to it. But what has satisfy me the most is the 'Hmong' outfit, which was the required piece that I did for the fashion show. The reason I am satisfy with this piece it because it is a modernize Hmong dress that represents my Hmong culture. It is also the only piece that I have use the same fabric the hmong people would use to make the hmong clothing.

6. I know you just participated in the Fresh Tradition Fashion show in which you showcased your first collection. Can you tell us what this fashion show is all about?

Fresh Tradition Fashion show is a fundraising event that is hosted by CHAT (Center for Hmong Arts and Talent). This fashion show showcases aspiring Hmong designers and their skills, and what is unique about this fashion show is that designers gets an opportunity to use Hmong fabrics to design innovative pieces from it.

7. How do you feel about Hmong designers within the fashion industry?

I feel that Hmong designers have a lot of potential in the Fashion industry. What distinguish us from other designers is our culture, and being able to bring that into the fashion industry would be something new and innovative.

8. What's your best fashion advice for the aspiring fashion photographer or designer?

Fashion Artists should continue to be passionate about what they do. Everyone has an opportunities to seek their skills and be inspired by others. Artist helping artist is always been an inspiration to me and keeps me motivated.

9. Every person takes a risk in life, what was the riskiest thing you have done?

I feel that right now I am taking the big first step towards my artistic path. So me, deciding to go this path is the riskiest I have done in my life.

10. Where can people contact or find out more about your designs? (email, website, fb, etc.)

You can contact me at: xeevang@gmail.com and facebook

Photo credits:

Cece Vang

Refined Collection
Photographer:Toua Lee
MUA: Money Lee
Hair: Peter Phung
Assistants: Soua and Cindy
Models:Sheila Her, Sapon Roeun, Kasen Lor, Sarah Moua, Lucy Xiong, Pachia Vang, Judy Thao, and Mona Moua

Fresh Traditions Fashion Show images
Photographer: Peter Phung

Special thanks to Milly Lee and Peter Phung.