Entourage: Dallas Blush Benefit Review


Now that Spring/Summer is almost here you might need to get some bronzer + blush. Wanna try something new?

After receiving freebies from the Benefit counter in Belk I fell in love. They're great because they look so natural. Every time I have Benefit Cosmetics on I get compliments=) It feels good to find a product that smells good and does it job at the same time. I'm slowly adding on to my collection. The other day I stopped by the counter and opted for some blush (I used all the blush in my sample kit). I wanted something a shade darker because Spring/Summer is coming soon and I wanted to define my cheekbones. I'm a little pale in the face so I wanted to add more color. Can't be walking around like a white ghost. HA HA

The woman at the counter, she's so nice, recommended the Dallas Blush. It worked beautifully. She also taught me how to apply it correctly. She swept the brush in a 3 motion starting from the temples, to the cheek, and then to jaw line. It was a great tip. She also said that if I ever needed any help with applying makeup I can see her any time. Which was awesome. The Benefit girls are so sweet.

The blush cost 28.00 but since I applied for the Belk credit card I got 15% off. I usually don't spend that much on blush but since I know the quality of it I was willing to spend more. Especially when you're using products on your face make sure they're quality products.

She also gave me a sample of another blush called thrrrob. It's a very light
pink but she said I could add it on the apples of my cheeks . This blush is great for an every day look while the Dallas is more for the dramatic girl.

Both of these blushes are great. You can also use the Dallas as a bronzer too! It's like a two in one deal. What I love about this brand is that I don't break out at all. The fact that it's so natural I find that it goes great with my bare minerals foundation. Go grab you some samples! Hope you guys enjoy this post and don't forget to check out my fb fan page for my OOTD!