Runway Fever: 3/4 of a Witch


I've been parading through all day and one of the key trends for Spring 2011 are the 3/4 hem lines. Hopefully we won't be seeing any short short skirts! I doubt it but it's worth a shot. That's the only thing I hate about warmer weather. Girls start flaunting their stars(my mom's nick name for the vag!). I mean hunny I don't really need to see that. Anyways here's my take on the new hem line.

This dress is 100% vintage. Of course it's thrifted. One reason that attracted me to this dress was the transparent fabric. Tell me I'm crazy. HAHA. I know how to wear something without showing my star. I actually had my room mate take down my laundry to my car and he said to me, "You know you're dress is see through, right? " OF COURSE I DO. That's why I wore the Express gold leggings. DUR.


Sorry for no close ups. I used self timer.