Entourage: Fresh Start


Lately I've been sportin' the simple natural look. I'm also ready to play with color since Spring is right around the corner. I love color but I also like to keep it natural so if someone sees me without my makeup they don't freak out.

Always use moisturizer before applying foundation. This helps with getting rid of the dry skin. I use Olay on my face but I'm also experimenting with other moisturizers just to see what works best for me. I stop using liquid foundation on my skin a few months ago. I didn't like the fact that it was clogging my pores. Now that I use powder foundation I've noticed that I break out a lot less that before.

I came across this Michelle Phan tutorial which I'm in love with. She's been one of my all time favorite youtube gurus. I've been following her since her xanga days. This look is all about keeping your makeup simple and clean. Great for an every day look. I only wear natural colors unless I'm going out.

image courtesy of style.com from the Spring 2011 Alexander McQueen collection