Runway Fever: New Year's Late.


Dance, Dance, Dance.

This was my New Year's. I know it's a little late but it's never too late to share something.
I actually bought a vintage dress for the occasion but I wasn't feeling it that night. So I opted for something I've never really worn. I love this dress. It's a hundred percent SILK! A little heavy but who cares?I also wore my Steve Madden pumps. Check out my previous post to see how they look.


I spent my time with these two awesome people. Ben and Nene. Two of my favorite people. BTW, we were celebrating his birthday & mine. First we ate at a cute little diner on S. Tryon. I love this place. Even though we had a stripper-like waitress we had an awesome time. Then we headed over to Dharma to end the night. GREAT time.


Spring is about not being afraid to try bold and dramatic colors! Rock it!

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