Day 1: HLUB Health


I've finally started getting back into shape. I try working out three to four times a week. I'm currently working out three times a week. I realized how retarded I sound when I complain about how I look. Only because I wasn't doing anything about it. What really motivates me is working out with friends. HLUB having a work out buddy=) It makes the time fly. It also makes working out way more fun.

My friend Ashley and I at a party.She's my workout buddy!

Working out has made me feel so much better. My body doesn't feel as stressful. It's very therapeutic. Working your body out physically can help ease you mentally. Stop worrying about those school projects!

BTW, you can still look fashionable while working out.

Quick Tips to working out:

-Start off slow. Don't overwhelm yourself.
-Stay hydrated!
-Set yourself a goal!

Stay healthy loves!

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