Decided to post up some teasers from my shoot with my friend Manithda Anou today.
Sorry for the inconsistent blogging. It's finals and I'm completely booked with exams, projects, etc.

This collab was for Manithda's project. She called me up last minute to shoot this. OF course she would. Anyways I got to do her makeup, hair, and wardrobe. I was excited cause I haven't been doing anything in a while. To get my hands into something was awesome. I realized how easy it is to do it again. I've been slacking on doing anything because I've been struggling with personal issues. But I'm on it now.

Concept was to incorporate the four elements of nature. She also wanted to do a modern day interpretation of the Disney Princess as a housewife. It looks pretty awesome to me. Like I said these are just teasers. I'll make sure to release the final ones soon.

Jasmine as wind. You'll see the final concept and understand it all soon.

Cinderella as earth.

Snow White as Fire.

And Ariel as water.

Thanks Loves!