Entourage: American Apparel Haul


For the past few months American Apparel has been having an on-going warehouse sale in New York. It was a little crazy in the beginning but now that the hype has died down it's easier to shop until you drop. I stopped by just to see if I could pick up a pair of the high waisted blue chambray pants but ended up picking up a few other things. I really enjoyed the fit of the high waisted pants so I went ahead and picked up the striped ones too! Since Summer is almost here I decided I should pick up a bathing suit. All my bathing suits and bikinis are back at home in North Carolina. Haven't had them shipped and I don't know when I will get ahold of my stuff. I've always been obsessed with the 3D Mesh top and bottom so I had to get it because of the price. There were no more pink tops which made me kinda sad. But I'm hoping that next time I go there might be more available. I'm sure I can find another top to go with it so I'm not too worried.  I also fell in love with this head band. It was only a couple bucks and it reminded me of my traditional Hmong clothing. Best cop of the day was the leather pouch. I've been wanting an envelope clutch/pouch for the longest. I finally got this one. I really wanted the plain neon green pouch but it was defective. Total I spent $72.00  Pretty good steal!

Leather pouch for 25.00

High waisted pants both for $15 and 3D mesh bottom for $12
Headband for $5