RISK TAKER: Kue Vue - Graphic Designer & Digital Artist


Tell me 5 things about yourself.

I have a passion for art. I’m a self-employed graphic designer who specializes in digital imaging and photography. I like to learn or try new things because I love challenges. I love to play video games during my spare time. Last but not least, I’m a simple easy-going person that anyone can get along with. 

How did you get into graphics, photoshop etc?

Ever since I was small I loved to draw. Growing up I sort of knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life (art). I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (yes, that long ago) and I started playing around with the program. After high school, I attend a local community college for D.E.A.T (digital effects & animation technology) because I was interested in video games and 3D animation. My dream was to become a game designer. Half way through the semester, I realized that I was more into still images and working with photoshop. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer instead.

What equipment/programs are you working with? 

I use Adobe Photoshop Cs5 when I create rasterized files. As for logos and vector, I use Adobe Illustrator CS5. When I do digital painting or drawing, I use paint tool SAI.

I know that you went to school for Graphic Design but it seems like you enjoy retouching photos more. Which makes you happier?

Actually both make me happy. But if I have to choose, it would be photo retouching because it's fun and relaxing. It’s amazing how you can turn an ordinary picture into something intriguing. I would love to be a photo editor one day.

Your images are so whimsical and fantasy like. What or who influences your style of design?? 

I have a huge imagination. If I see an ordinary picture I could already visualize it into something extreme. My style is influenced by my mood and inner thoughts. I don’t have much life experience such as exploring life outside of school and home. Therefore, I imagine me in another exciting world where everything is possible. That’s where my fantasies and creativity come from. (lol) I know it’s weird.

I also noticed that you're adding photography to your long list of titles. Why photography?

Photography and I go way back! I started playing with photography, as a kid, when there were only film cameras. I would always direct my parents and siblings to pose for me. I love taking pictures so much! Photography will always be a part of me. 

Do you think that it's important to be multi-talented in today's industry? 
Yes, definitely. I think firms these days seek for people with multiple skills. If you decided to start your own business you will have more of an advantage. Being multi-talented, you’d go farther than most and are usually a few steps ahead.

How do you incorporate your cultural background through your work? 

I haven’t done that much but I did design a piece using a photo from Houa Vang Photography based on a Hmong folk tale “Niam Nkauj Zuag Paj” meaning the Princess of the Pond (at least that‘s how I translate it). But I will start incorporating my cultural background to my work soon so be on the lookout!

Is being Hmong more or less of an advantage in your field? 
I don’t think race should matter. I think it’s all about the individual and their work ethic. It should be about how they conduct their lives professionally. Everyone starts out small and eventually works their way up.

What is your advice for aspiring designers?

Aspiring designers should not be afraid. They should not doubt themselves or their work. Be passionate. Don’t be afraid to share your work. Everything is art. Some people may not like your work and others will. Don’t limit yourself and step outside of the box. Always find inspiration to keep you motivated. 

How can we stay in touch with you?

You can stay in touch with me through my website, email, or like my Facebook fan page. I'm always online and can be reached easily.

All images belong to Kue Vue.