PERSONAL: Ah Lang Leui "Hey Beautiful Girl"


Cornelius Lafayette Danzey Jr. is one of my very close friends and also Top Shop's very own Creative Senior Assistant. To break it down he styles all the mannequins and takes part in the creative process which includes trend forecasting, building stories, etc. I'm so proud of him and I was lucky enough to assist in one of his many glorious photo shoots. He also asked me to shoot a behind-the-scenes video in which I could not say no.

I've always loved film and to be given a chance to shoot something that I'm not in (refer to this video) is pretty damn amazinnggggg. When people ask what I do I always say that I'm an artist because I hate giving myself that one title that sets boundaries. For example if I tell people that I am a fashion stylist the general conclusion would be that I can only style photo shoots, people, etc. I hope that somewhat made sense.

What I really want to do is explore all aspects of art. Why put yourself in a box??? Stretch the limits=)

On Set: Ah Lang Leui "Hey Beautiful Girl" from Cornelius Lafayette Danzey Jr. on Vimeo.

Stylist: Cornelius Lafayette Danzey Jr.
Photographer: Take @ HT Pixels
Hair: Aleetha Clanton
Wig: Wig Bar Studios
MUA: Pamela Sue
Model: Shei Phan @ FentonMoon
Assistant/Videographer: Zabeth Chang