RISK TAKER: Tiffany Hsu


Ever since I saw the first street-style snap of Tiffany Hsu, buyer at Lane Bryant, I've fell madly in love with her style. She is the epitome of tomboy-chic. Tomboy-chic is what I call -- boy meets girl and have a baby. What I admire most about Tiffany Hsu is her use of colors, phenomenal layering, and that freaking awesome bob. I wish I could chop my hair like hers without looking like a weirdo. Only because I have a gigantic basketball head. Short hair cuts just don't flatter me =( If I could borrow steal something from someone's closet it would have to be Tiff! I can't wait to see more of Tiffany's looks because like a true risk taker she keeps me on my toes. If you find more information about her let me know! images via tumblr