Wow, it's been months since I've written here. Life has been crazy.

I finally got a good paying job and was able to focus on "living life" as some may call it. For the first year in NYC all I did was struggle and to struggle a little less seemed like the perfect idea. I'm not taking any of this time for granted. I always say to myself that I'm only living my 20's once. Which is damn true! What do I have to lose? I'll always be working and paying bills for the rest of my life. Why withhold myself from an experience?

I've always worked so hard throughout college that I never really relaxed. I was never taking any vacations or spontaneous trips. Working two full time jobs and going to school full time wasn't the best idea in the world. But I think that I really like this new thing about myself. I've learned how to dance in the wind a little more. Go with the flow. Scream if I want to.

Despite the usual struggles I've also managed to put on hold my styling projects. Next year will definitley be the year that I make more moves. This year was really about experiencing life. Traveling has been so fun and it really makes me happy. I use to think traveling was too expensive. Probably cause mom and dad taught me to always save my money. Something that I still have yet to learn.

I've decided to change my blog name to moafucka' simply because I'm growing up. I think part of me really wanted to end this blog and move on to something new. But I feel like I've been identified as Mastermind Of A Fashionista for so long that I didn't want to let it go completely. As you can tell the first part of moafucka' still has the abbreviations for Mastermind Of A Fashionista. This has always been a part of me and I never want to forget it. As you grow it's only common for you to move on. I'm growing as an artist and I want my blog to reflect that. Thanks again for still sticking through with me.