Top 5 Places I'd Like to Visit


Right now I won't have the funds to go on any extravagant vacations this year but that doesn't stop a girl from dreaming. I will be traveling back to my home state of Wisconsin for my Grandma's birthday celebration and hopefully Vegas in the late Summer. Who knows where else the year will take me! Well I've decided to rack up the top 5 places I'd like to visit outside of the United States and share them with you all. I definitely will be sharing you the reasons for each and I hope you get a better sense of where my mind is at.

1. Morocco - I'm totally in love with the beauty of the people, architecture and culture. If I lived in a place where everything was so brightly colored I think I would be the happiest girl on earth. I love the fact that this country is so modern in design but also holds on to their history. I really want to explore the street markets, historical places, and of course bathe in a luxurious pool.

2. Tibet - Tibet may not have a lot of attractions but I think I really want to meet the villagers. The people really draw me here. Maybe because every photo I see is a scruffy old man with piercing eyes. For me I really wouldn't care if I stayed in a nice place. The experience would be enough for me. I'm also interested in the kind of food. What to expect? I don't know. Never had any Tibetan food.

3. Nepal - I would love to make a stop since it's neighbors with Tibet. The culture is very similar to that of Tibet. I'd really like to visit the national park to see the mountains and gigantic temples. And of course I would love to hopefully try on some traditional Nepal clothing.

 4. Egypt - For some reason I've always had a connection with Egyptian history. I'm fascinated by the ancient ruins and all the mythology. I want to explore the tombs, pyramids, and the temples. I would love to dig in the dirt too!

 5. Pompeii, Italy - I've read about the ruins of Pompeii when I was a little girl. I'd be so elated if I got the opportunity to visit what I could only read about. Some might think I'm weird for wanting to visit a town with towns of dead people. I guess I'm just weird like that. Of course I want to explore Italy too but Pompeii is a must.

Lets cross our fingers and hope I get a chance to see all these places in this lifetime!!! images do not belong to me