Day 25: HLUB Tilapia


I've been craving some fish lately. I didn't have the time to go fishing so I headed to Wally World for tilapia. Tilapia is pretty lean. Not knowing how to cook tilapia I googled some recipes. I found four really easy ones. Click here. I tried the lemon garlic recipe last night and it was great. I'm so ready to try the others.

Random ingredients. lol

I need a butter knife =/

Washing the fish.

Yay for flavor!

In the oven they go =) My glasses got foggy.

My friend Ivry recommended rice pilaf and green beans for sides. I opted for the rice pilaf. HMMMMMM

Smelled so goodddddd. HLUB the smell of this.

YUMMY The rice was perfect. Not too soft and not too hard.

Spinach for salad. Along with Pinot Grigio to "enhance" our taste buds. lol

As you can see the MacBook kept us company.

VOILA. MI AMOR. I plated of course. Like my asian plates?

Simply beautiful.

Close up on my dish.

He gave me an A.

This how happy we were. He is on the left and I'm on the right. MEOW!