Day 3: HLUB Burguishi


Sorry for the day late post. I had homework to do last night.

Of course this may seem stero-typical to say but I absolutely HLUB sushi! Now that I've been much more experienced in the taste of sushi I'm quick to judge on the quality. One of my really good friends is also a sushi chef. When we use to room with each other she would bring home sushi for us to try. OMG it was great. My friend Lisa works at eeZ Fusion & Sushi located in Huntersville, NC. She's been working there for a few years. They have the best sushi but I live so far away so I barely ever get to eat any good sushi.

Just a couple months ago they opened up their sister company called Cow Fish. Cow Fish specializes in "burguishi". Which is a combination of sushi and burgers. The food, service, and staff are awesome. Everything is carefully planned out. The space is modern, fresh, and sleek. Also if you really want to hear different quotes or words in a variety of Asian languages you can visit the bathroom for a bit. They will have you cracking up!

Anyways enough of the jibber jabber. Picture time!

Here I am chowing down on the crab rangoon dip. It's my favorite appetizer because the dip just melts in my mouth. Also the chips are drizzled with a sweet red sauce that add a little kick.

The appetizer on the right offers three different type of fries. Sweet potato, onion rings, and regular fries. I love the fact that everything is sliced thinly so that it tastes much better. It comes with three sauces. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Since I know the chef and I always have a hard time picking what to eat I always let him make me something special.

Some images I found on their website.