Day 6:HLUB Photobooth


I'm a day late on this post. I went home for a day to celebrate both my brothers birthdays. One is 17 and the other is 19. I haven't been home since Christmas so I was pretty excited. My mom and I cooked some egg rolls for dinner. I bought an Oreo cake and we had a good time. Recently I just got my Mac laptop and I didn't get the time to share with my parents the quality and prestige of having a Mac.

And I introduced them to photobooth...

We took some lovely family portraits. I think it's funny how closely each picture resembles the character in us.

Loud mouth sister (me)

Loopy Brother (He can be a little slow at times but I still love him)

The Jokester (My dad is always cracking jokes)

Nosy little brother. (The 17 yr. old)

Over weight Mother (She isn't over weight, she just cooks a lot)

In-your-face brother (He turned 19. He can get in your face. In a good way)

On the other hand here is a simple family portrait.