INSPIRATION: The Metropolitan Museum


My friend Yejin was visiting from Boston, Massachusetts for the weekend and we decided to act like tourist for a day. Lol Not many people know that I love history. It was one of my favorite subjects in school besides art (of course). I'm really a fan of the Egyptian era. Not sure why but I seem to gravitate towards anything in this area. My favorite part of the exhibit was the temple of ??? (forgot the name) but it's still deserves a mention=)

I'm just amazed at our ancestors. Yejin and I kept saying over and over again "what were they thinking?" and "they were ahead of their time". And we joked about how our children would go see the museum when to our time period would be considered "ancient". There would be displays of iPhones and such. Lol Remember to dig a little deeper every once in a while!

I apologize for the bad quality images....