Yes, I'm still Alive.


So I never officially broke the news on my blog but (wah-lah) I moved to Kansas! 

Totally random I know. This decision came after much discussion. It may have seemed rash but it really needed to happen.  During the Summer of 2015 my parents visited my Grandma (my Dad's mother) and Uncle in Tonganoxie, Kansas. That trip revealed so much to my parents and they came back to North Carolina with excitement. Well my Dad was excited. Mom, she was happy but she was worried. She already could tell that Dad wanted to leave her beloved home in North Carolina. 

Our family in Kansas are part-time farmers. They grow flowers and vegetables and sell to their local flea market on the weekends. It's quite a daunting and hard-working job but can be very fruitful, financially. Which led me to be convinced that I needed to go. 

When my Dad asked if I would go, my immediate response was, "YES, I'm down!".

Many of you know I suffered a depression while I was in New York. Mainly due to my student debt. Which has affected my family severely. I don't want to go into too much detail but I can say that this was the best decision. I was waiting tables in Charlotte for a year and had frankly given up job hunting. I was sick of interviewing with companies that weren't going to hire me for whatever reason. 

Within a week of moving to Kansas I landed a full-time job as a Social Media Manager. I'm working at a Lingerie Company which I do find quite odd. It's a great pay and comes with full benefits. Wow, can you believe how long it's taken to get here? But can I just say that every experience led me here. Well I'll just give the credit to him. Because God is good. 

But back to the real reason I'm really writing this post. I contemplated for a long time whether I wanted to post tutorials on Youtube. And I decided that it was the right platform for me. I was just sick of having all this talent and not really using it. For example, I use to record my own vlogs and edit the videos. Then I use to freelance graphic design. Then I styled. Also blogged occassionally. Like what's up with all these skills? Like what was the bigger picture? 

So far I've uploaded a video once a week. 

And for once in my life. 

I'm not procrastinating. 

I have passion and I have drive.  

Thanks for your continuous support.