// 2 0 1 4 - " I SEE FIRE " \\


2013 went by so fast and I can't believe I'm 24 already. Lawddddd. Whatever because I enjoyed 2013. I really did. It was the most spontaneous I have ever lived. I mean I went to a bunch of concerts. Traveled a few places. Splurged on a few goods. Loved a lot of people. That's the life man. That's the life.

Here are a few pictures from New Year's Eve. I spent some quality time with a few friends in Brooklyn. We always throw an annual themed party. This year it was "Back to the 80's". I was really trying not to be a stereotypical 80's celebrity but of course I waited last minute. So all the things I had in my closet could only translate into Madonna. I mean I guess I only own trashy clothing. OOPS.

Looked at my Style Resolutions from last year. I think I did pretty good. I accomplished all of them except for #4 - "Wear more pants" and #5 - "Try new hairstyles". I think I've given up on the fact that I just don't like pants. LOL According to my last laundry day I found that I had one pair of pant. The rest were skirts. Let me remind you it's Winter in New York too! See I just don't do pants. I've accepted that now. As for hairstyles that was a complete fail. I finally learned how to properly take care of my dead hair. It was destroyed by countless curling iron sessions and box dye. Now it's all soft and silky. For one I quit using the hair dryer. Air drying is the way to go! Plus I never sleep with my hair wet. That's just uncomfortable and I hate when my pillow gets all wet. And I quit curling my hair all the time. It was frying the fuck out of it.

This year I've written down my goals. Broke them down into short and long-term. This year I really want to make moves and besides all the fun I need to work harder on building my brand. Time to get to work!!

Let's all have another great year! 2014 I'm readyyyyyyyyy!