.head to toe. thrifted Bonworth floral blouse, F21 pant, Mossimo flats, thrifted Martin Sanford coat

I'm loving these images because of course they were shot in my home town of Wausau, Wisconsin. Wausau has always been so good to me. It holds many dear memories - good and bad. LOL Being home was enlightening for many reasons. I was able to have private moments with my lovely grandmother, babysit my nieces and nephews and of course go out and have a blast with my cousins. It was the getaway that I needed.

A day before I left Wausau I wanted to shoot some outfits. I asked my cousins Amy and Vicki to take me to the best places in town. We only had a limited time but they did their best! Let me tell you - it was FREEZING. I'm so glad these two ladies endured the horrible weather with me. We found this spot in one of the newer buildings across the old mall that I use to shop at when I was little. It was the perfect spot. It looked like a greenhouse meets a coffee shop. Not sure why no one takes pictures here but if you're in Wausau you should.  Of course there wasn't the amazing sun glares but the light was gorgeous. Vicki did an amazing job for being an amateur. I hope you enjoy these. I have a few more outfits I'll be sure to share with you all soon.