\\ Orange Punch //


.head to toe. F21 plaid hi-lo top, Adidas gym shorts, Artizia camo windbreaker, F21 neckplate, boots

It's always this time of the year where I become so reflective and sentimental. Holidays just have that affect on you I guess. I've been so happy with the way my journey has played out. Life is so precious and every moment that I get to soak in knowledge and life I'm willing to go forth with it. My most favorite moments have been the times where I don't think. It's all about feeling every teensy sensation. Sometimes I catch myself being a bit emotional (especially on a train). And its mostly because of all the the small things. I have the most amazing people in my life. Every time I need anything - I can always turn to these people to shower me with words of wisdom. Words of encouragement mean so much to me. I don't know how I would of made it without a "you'll be fine", "if you need money I can help", "you're an inspiration to me", "don't change - you're perfect just the way you are" and my favorite "can I have your instagram life?".

If you ever get the chance - get off your iphone and explore your neighborhood. Find an exhibit. Crash a concert. These experiences have truly made me 10x happier. And always share your happiness with others.