+ short stop


.head to toe. thrifted velvet skater dress, thrifted denim jacket, thrifted shoes, warby parker glasses

My hair has been un-even for the longest time. Because 2 years ago I made the decision to shave half my head, click here for pictures. But I didn't stop shaving it until maybe early last year. Thankfully I'm lucky that my hair grows extremely fast. My hair hit my shoulder by end of last year. 

Recently I've had the urge to cut my hair. If you know me - that's the thing that bores me the most. Don't know why. I actually really wanted to color it but now that I'm working in corporate I'm trying to maintain that professional look.  Haha. I love the new hair because it balances me out since I'm quite short. Doesn't it look so chic? LOL 

**These pictures were taken when the weather was still warm but breezy. Now it's starting to get colder. So I obviously won't be wearing a dress without leggings. Winter will be here soon. Are you excited? Cause I am.