Dreaming of Burma


Photography // Tim Walker
Styling // Jacob K
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One day as I was scrolling through my Intsagram feed (follow my insta here) I came across an amazing photo that W Magazine posted. It was so captivating that I had to see more. I went to the website and I was taken away by the editorial that British fashion photographer, Tim Walker, shot on a trip to Burma. Last year I wrote a post on the Top 5 Places I'd Like to Visit and I didn't even include Burma but after seeing these images it's now on the bucket list!

 I am in love with the mood that the editorial conveys. It's as if it was an ordinary day in Burma and someone just shot a picture. And I cannot forget to mention the styling. I'm not a fan of wearing long sleeves and pants. But the layering of long sleeves and short really gave me new ideas that I want to try. The styling was all-in-all very respectful to the culture. There was also a very beautiful color palette that really complimented the city. The clothing didn't over power the overall editorial and made me really feel like I would be comfortable walking around Burma looking all crazy stylish.

You bet that I'm bookmarking this shoot in my inspiration folder.


 I will be dreaming of Burma tonight.