Xx Pretty Woman xX


.head to toe. Tarte "Generous" Lip Surgeon, Zara top, thrifted trenchcoat, Schutz heels
images shot by Ben Henry

There's something about Winter in Charlotte that is just so perfect. It's not like that depressive feeling that I dreaded while in New York. To be honest the weather here is no where near comparable to that of the midwest. I suppose I have no right to complain then. Because of the semi-cold Winters I can still dress fairly light. Like every single year I've had a difficult time finding a Winter coat. I will browse a million stores until I decide that I wanted the first one I saw. I seriously can't just make up my mind. I'm one of those shoppers that needs to see EVERY single thing before I make my decision. I can't help it. Luckily I came across this almost floor-length pink trench coat for less than $15 bucks. It has got to be my favorite "steal" of the season. 

I truly feel so much more at ease being back. I'm very happy with my decision. Charlotte has been treating me so well. Love having Walmart back in my life again. She's the best. As much as I anticipated having my car back I've soon realized that I hate it. My back hurts mostly due to the fact I'm sitting a lot more than I'm use to. 

As I adjust to Charlotte I realized that I can totally shop comfortably. Which is an amazing feeling when you haven't been able to splurge on yourself because you may have to pay that electric bill. I seriously feel like a RICH lady now.  haha just joking. 

Funny thing I realized too...I've grown into a pretty woman as I like to call it. Seeing the growth in myself is astounding. Seriously!!! How did I become what I've always dreamed of? When I was little I always admired such elegant women. I never thought a crazy and obnoxious child would grow up to be so refined. 

(P.S. That doesn't mean I lost my inner child, though.)