Black Spring


.head to toe. NARS matte velvet lip in Cruella, Banana Republic Sweater, Ann Taylor denim, Converse
images by Ben Henry

Often times I'd stay away from sweaters because I NEVER looked good in them. NEVER! Maybe it's me being self-conscious or what not but I just hated how my chest would look. This modern, short, cropped sweater is so perfect for my frame. I was so in love with it that I bought it in two colors. LOL It also has these adorable zippers on the shoulder so you can un-zip for a sexier look. 

 Oh yeah and if you follow me on Instagram you would have already known that I cut my hair.

Don't you just love it?

I thought I was just going to get a colored ombre but I ended up chopping off ten inches. I guess I can always add the color later. 

Short hair has required so much maintenance. I have to wake up an hour early just so I can blow dry my hair. I haven't used a hair dryer in over 3-4 years so I'm so afraid that it's going to damage my hair. If you have any recommendations on how products that I can use to help prevent damage comment below. I would love to know your thoughts and opinions.