Personal: Style Resolutions + Urban Denim Chic Editorial


First post of the year. Seriously can't believe it's 2013. Probably because I'm getting so old. I shouldn't be complaining. ha ha (I'm really not much older than I perceive myself to be)

A few STYLE resolutions I want to play around with this year:

1. Less is more - I'm not really one to be simple when it comes to my personal style but I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. Like I stated last year I feel like my style is gently maturing each and every day. I love it and I'm so excited to continue to explore! Pintrest has really got me addicted to the simple yet tailored look. Btw follow me here!

2. Incorporating my culture - Being a Hmong-American I find that it's really our job to inform the community about the identity of the Hmong people. It wasn't until I moved to NYC did I realize how uniformed or misunderstood we really are. I mean it is great that some know of us due to Clint Eastwood's film but geez we really need to step it up. This year I'm vowing to represent my culture in whatever I wear. Whether it's color choices, an accessory or even a hairstyle.

3. Building heel/pump collection - This one is going to take much more effort. I'm so use to wearing flats, sneakers, combat boots, etc. I let down my shoe game and I really want to try harder on establishing a few good classics that work with my wardrobe. This also means I want to wear them out more! Yay! Must learn to avoid pot holes. Thanks NYC for the shitty sidewalks.

4. Pants, Pants, Pants - I'm not a fan of jeans, pants, bottoms or whatever you call them. WHY? #1 - I feel like a muffin top and #2- I don't like how I look because I have no booty. YES, I am self-conscious of my flat asian booty.  (It's growing though! Working out pays off) But I want to try and wear more bottoms. Especially because there are so many options to choose from these days.

5. Experiment with hairstyles - This one might take some effort but I'm kinda bored of the curly hair that I'm comfortable with. When I was in middle school I would always try all sorts of things. What ever happened? I got lazy or maybe I just care less about it.

Veering off topic - I wanted to share this editorial because it pretty much has a few of the style resolutions that  I really want to try this year.

 For the rest of the editorial click here.