^ DUMBO, you have my heart ^


.head to toe. vintage bra, thrifted floral blouse, American Apparel pant, Zara heels

I have made such wonderful memories during my time in Washington Heights. But deep inside I knew my heart was somewhere else. I mean it's obvious that living in the city(Manhattan) changed me. For one - my fashion choices went down the drain. Like seriously... I looked a hot mess. I had absolutely zero inspiration to play dress up.  Which totally isn't like me. And in the mess of it all the smallest things like "people" started to irritate me. Like you know it's bad when you want to cuss at every tourist. Basically imagine some adolescent girl who never stopped being on her period. That was me for a while. 

Although - I do need to thank the Heights for many things...like my adult (because this can be hard to find ANYWHERE) roomies who were willing to take me in when I needed a place to stay, the tasty and flavorful Dominican food/hott Latin men, the only Chinese take-out spot that made fried cheese wontons the way I like it and the convenience of the "A" express train esp. during my drunken extravaganzas. 

Can I also say that I am so blessed to have found this room in DUMBO for a fairly reasonable price. God was definitley with me throughout this difficult time. And of course my fabulous friends and family. Finding an apartment and being unemployed is the most stressful thing EVER. But as always - I ALWAYS find a way to make it work. 

This Spring I'm looking forward to traveling light and incorporating more neutral colors in my color palette. This will definitely be a challenge as I was constantly sporting darker shades. Not trying to go all psychological on you all but maybe it can be blamed or reflect the lack of inspiration that I fell into? And as the sun appears brighter each day I will begin to pull out those high-waisted shorts. 

Honey, you just don't know how long these legs have been wanting to be touched by the sun.